[nfb-talk] Early Resolution on Assistive Technology

Kenneth Chrane kenneth.chrane at verizon.net
Sat Sep 25 04:28:28 UTC 2010

I second this resolution.
Kenneth Chrane

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Subject: [nfb-talk] Early Resolution on Assistive Technology

> Fellow federationists, I'm Joshua Lester from the Arkansas chapter. I
> won't be able to come to Orlando, next july, but I'd appreciate it if
> we could handle this NFB business on this thread. I find it quite
> shameful, that we as blind individuals are behind in solar powered
> technology! Our sited counterparts are able to have solar powered
> calculators, for example, while our talking calculators are battery
> powered. Our Pac Mates, Braille Notes, etc. are also battery powered.
> What a shame! The resolution I'm proposing will urge Freedom
> Scientific, HumanWare, and other companies to make their products
> solar powered. Not only is solar powered technology good for the
> environment, but it's good for us as endividuals. For instance, there
> will be no more of the Pac Mate going dead in the middle of a class,
> and a student's work being jumbled up after the machine is charged, or
> the constant "beepp" sound of the calculator letting us know that the
> battery is low. This technology will help us catch up with our sited
> counterparts at work, in the classroom, and in life in general. Please
> second this motion to pass this resolution. Blessings, Joshua
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