[nfb-talk] Top 10 Cities with Best Transportation

Jeanette Fortin jeanette at fortin-home.com
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I live in colorado springs and I have heard that Denver has pretty good 
public transportation. Here we have limited bus service during the week and 
I have heard it is going to get worse as time goes on. the paratransit 
system only works within the bus line. I happen to live in the part of town 
where there  is no bus service so therefore no paratransit service. I am 
from Texas, Dallas to be exact and when i left there 22 years ago we had 
pretty good service and now there is light rail as well as paratransit as 
well as bus service. Jeanette
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> Well, I live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area -- and while not bad, if 
> this is the fifth best in the country, then public transportation is worse 
> then I thought.  I think San Francisco is better then here, for example, 
> so is Philadelphia, unless they all have fallen off over the years.  So is 
> Chicago, by a long shot unless they have cut the hell out of the system. 
> I live in a suburb, a pretty far one granted, but I have absolutely no bus 
> service on week end.
> Dave
>>Living near Portland, I'm not surprised.
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>>US News and World Report recently published a list of the top 10 cities 
>>the best public transit.  You can search the site for the article to read
>>more about each entry, but note that the presentation is an online
>>Tied at #9 were Austin and Denver
>>#8 Honolulu
>>#7 Los Angeles
>>#6 San Francisco
>>#5 Minneapolis/Saint Paul
>>#4 Boston
>>#3 New York City
>>#2 Salt Lake City
>>#1 Portland
>>Anyway, I thought you guys might find it interesting.
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