[nfb-talk] Fwd: BlindHow.com March Madness begins

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Thu Mar 1 02:36:41 UTC 2012

>The blindhow.com contest for a $100 iTunes certificate begins 
>tomorrow March 1, 2012.  Last year The NFB of Utah launched a new 
>website, BlindHow.com. This sight has been up for more than six 
>months during which time we have received over 500 posts with over 
>160 comments from over 370 members. Thank you to each of you that 
>have contributed to BlindHow.com. We have had an extremely 
>successful six plus months and look forward to the continued success 
>in the upcoming months and years. Whether you have submitted 
>content, made comments, asked questions, or even just used the 
>website to obtain information, we thank you.
>On March 1, 2012, BlindHow.com will be implementing an exciting 
>incentive program! The purpose? We want you to visit, sign up, test 
>drive, make comments, rank content, and become a contributor by 
>submitting articles, videos and audio files. There are thousands of 
>resources available on the web, but they are scattered and they take 
>valuable time to find and sift through. We encourage you to submit 
>content from the web that you have found enlightening, positive, 
>and/or helpful. We also welcome original articles, videos, or audio 
>tutorials. We want and welcome both!
>How the contest works:
>This contest will be a drawing, so anyone who participates has a 
>chance to win. Every time you post original content to the website, 
>we enter your name into the drawing 7 times. Every time you post 
>information from another source, we enter your name into the drawing 
>3 times. Every time you make a comment on someone else's post, we 
>enter your name into the drawing 1 time.
>The contest will go from March 1, 2012 to April 15, 2012. Please 
>email <mailto:admin at blindhow.com>admin at blindhow.com to report any 
>content you post or comments you make on BlindHow.com as this will 
>be the only method used to track participation in the contest.
>If you haven't visited us, please check out BlindHow.com and see 
>what it is all about. BlindHow.com allows for community members to 
>view and share video, audio, or written tutorials and information on 
>a myriad of topics regarding blindness and visual impairment.
>Topics could include things like, "How do you use an iPhone with 
>voiceover?" "This is how I put on makeup every day: how do you?" 
>"How do you mow your lawn?" "This is how I downhill ski."
>If you can't find the answer you are looking for, then we want you 
>to ask! If you have something to share, then become a contributor 
>today! We know that there are many different ways to do one thing. 
>For example, I may iron my shirt one way and you another. Knowledge 
>is power and sharing is caring! You can make a difference.
>Our primary goal is to create a positive environment where community 
>members are willing to ask thoughtful questions and share knowledge 
>related to blindness and visual impairment that will improve lives, 
>encourage independence, and increase self-confidence.
>To all, best of wishes.
>Warmest regards,
>The BlindHow Team
>P.S. Please remember to let us know of any way we can improve your 
>experience on BlindHow.com. We take your feedback seriously and have 
>already made several improvements as a result of the feedback we 
>have received. As always, we look forward to your continued support 
>and website participation.
>Check out the website at BlindHow.com today and click on the $100 
>iTunes incentive link for more information and sign up today! For 
>additional questions, suggestions, or input, please email 
><mailto:admin at blindhow.com>admin at blindhow.com.

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