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>Press Release
>February 2012
>For Immediate Release
>CONTACT: Frances Mary D'Andrea, Chair
>Braille Authority of North America
>Phone: 412-521--5797
>literacy2 at mindspring.com
>BANA Publishes Full Article on the Evolution of Braille
>The Braille Authority of North America (BANA) has released the final segment
>of a three-part article on the evolution of braille, which was 
>authored by the
>BANA Board. The article is titled "The Evolution of Braille: Can the 
>Past Help
>Plan the Future?" and is posted on the BANA website at:
>Those who have followed this article know that Part One focuses on the
>changing nature of communication methods used by braille readers. It also
>looks at other relevant transitions, such as how blind children are educated,
>the range of available technologies, and the evolution of braille and print.
>Part Two of the article focuses on the complexities of code building 
>as well as
>on current challenges in transcription, translation, and backtranslation of
>braille. In Part Three, BANA presents possible solutions to the 
>pressing issues
>described in the first two parts.
>The three individual segments of the article are available on the BANA
>website. In addition, the three parts have been combined into one
>consolidated piece, which is also available at
>BANA encourages everyone who is interested in the future of braille to read
>and consider the implications and the challenges presented in this 
>article. We
>also invite your feedback and comments.
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>and follow the directions in the confirmation
>The mission and purpose of the Braille Authority of North America 
>are to assure literacy
>for tactile readers through the standardization of braille and/or 
>tactile graphics. BANA
>promotes and facilitates the use, teaching, and production of 
>braille. It publishes rules,
>interprets, and renders opinions pertaining to braille in all 
>existing codes. It deals with
>codes now in existence or to be developed in the future, in 
>collaboration with other
>countries using English braille. In exercising its function and 
>authority, BANA considers
>the effects of its decisions on other existing braille codes and 
>formats; the ease of
>production by various methods; and acceptability to readers.
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