[nfb-talk] Fwd: All About Chemistry Camp! A Call Presented by the California Association of Blind Students

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Tue Feb 26 14:12:57 UTC 2013

 The following comes from the California association of blind
students, and is open to  both  high school students and their
parents.  Please   forward to those you feel may benifit.

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From: Hoby Wedler <hobywedler at gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2013 14:05:14 -0800
Subject: All About Chemistry Camp! A Call Presented by the California
Association of Blind Students
To: Darian Smith <dsmithnfb at gmail.com>

Have you ever wondered how you, your blind or visually impaired (BVI)
child, or your student could tackle very visual science subjects in
school? Have you wondered if there are accessible means of exploring
science in the laboratory for BVI students? Then our fire side
discussion about the California chemistry camp is for you! Chemistry
camp is a program hosted by Accessible Science, a nonprofit working to
make science more accessible to BVI students. The camp is sure to be
an educational, exciting, academic and social meeting from May 3-5,
2013 near Napa, California.
The discussion will include an overview of camp by founder and
coordinator Hoby Wedler, discussion on filling out the application and
applying for camp, information on time and place of camp and camp
logistics, and perhaps most importantly, it will include testimonials
from past mentors, instructors, and student alum! There will be plenty
of time for your questions and comments throughout the call.
If you want more information on how blind students can study extremely
visual subjects or want information on talking constructively with
people who tell you that you can’t study visual subjects, this call is
sure to answer some of your questions about accessibility and most
importantly, about how you or a BVI high school student you know can
easily partake in the 2013 chemistry camp.
When: Tuesday, March 12, 2013 from 6:00-7:00 PM Pacific time
Call (218) 339-2500
Access code: 958093.
We hope to chat with you on March 12!
Yours very truly, The Membership Committee of the California
Association of Blind Students

Darian Smith

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