[nfb-talk] Fwd: Your Tailored Non-24 Support Program is in The Works

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Tue Apr 1 08:32:14 UTC 2014

>I am forwarding this for its informational 
>value.  I know that this topic is controversial 
>in some circles, and others are supportive.  Either way you should be informed.

David Andrews

>Non-24 Logo
>We're here for you.
>Call a health educator toll-free at
>1-844-404-2424 to get answers
>to your questions about
>Non-24 seven days a week,
>24 hours a day.
>Coming Soon - Non-24 tools,
>tips and resources.
>Hello again. Thank you for signing up to receive 
>the latest information about Non-24, and for 
>supporting the blindness community.
>Since we were last in touch, we've finished 
>reviewing a survey filled out by over 500 people 
>who are totally blind and living with Non-24 
>symptoms. We wanted to learn the types of 
>information you would find helpful and 
>educational in your journey with Non-24.
>    * 29% of respondents said that a guide to 
> help their doctor become educated about Non-24 would be helpful
>    * 25% opted for a tool that helps them know if they may have Non-24
>    * 33% of respondents shared that websites 
> are the most preferred method to learn about 
> Non-24, followed by Braille print materials (25%) and Email (17%)
>Based on your insights and suggestions, we're 
>crafting a support program that provides what 
>you've asked for. When it launches, we'll reach 
>out to you first, so stay tuned!
>The Non-24 support program you helped design will feature:
>    * A podcast series featuring doctors who 
> have experience with Non-24 and its symptoms
>    * Interviews with people living with Non-24 
> to understand the daily impact of its symptoms
>    * Tips, tools and resources for living with Non-24
>And based on your feedback, we're also 
>developing a Guide to Understanding Non-24 for 
>you to share with your doctor. We heard you. We 
>understand that it's important that your doctor 
>understands the scientific reasons for Non-24.
>While we're putting the finishing touches on 
>your tailored support program, take a few 
>minutes to hear more about the latest Non-24 
>information by clicking 
>and Events now.
>Use the links below to spread the word about 
>Non-24, and to raise awareness and support for the Non-24 community.
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>via Facebook
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>Want one-on-one support?
>Speak with a Non-24 health educator by calling 
>toll-free <tel://1-844-404-2424>1-844-404-2424. 
>We're here for you 24 hours a day, every day. 
>That's <tel://1-844-404-2424>1-844-404-2424.
>Get support at 
>Don't want to get any more emails? We'll miss 
>you. Click 
>link to opt out of any further Non-24 information communications.
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