[nfb-talk] 2014 national convention

Bryan Schulz b.schulz at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 20 02:10:12 UTC 2014


I apologize as you will probably see this more than once.
The main expenses of the annual NFB convention are lodging, travel, and 
I would like to know if someone would be interested in splitting the hotel 
cost for the week as this will probably force my decision to attend the 
Various airlines will open their calendars to reservations past June 30th 
next week.
There may be the chance of a $69 deal each way to Orlando but the tickets 
are non-refundable.
I would appreciate hearing from a early 20's - early 40's non-smoking male 
at b.schulz at sbcglobal.net.

Bryan Schulz

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