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My answer is, different strokes for different folks.  It all depends on how you use your cane and your health condition.  If you just use a cane for assisting you in getting you where you want to go, than a lite weight cane should be fine for you.  I use a heavy duty cane, because I have orthapeatic problems and when stepping down curbs, I lean on my heavy duty cane for support. If you are going to the NFB National Convention, try out some other types of canes, at the NFB store, before making a change.  
I have tried 2 other brands of canes, in my life, but have gone back to my heavy duty, Gaulf Pride handle, each time.

Terry Powers
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I'd like to ask what you think about certain canes, mainly the telescopic canes.  I use them but am finding that I'm not very sure of them or myself when I'm walking because they seem to want to collapse on me at the worst time.  I fear tightening them too much because I don't want the bottom joint to come out or damage.

I don't know if this is normal for these canes but I have had two now and seem to find the same issues.  

Any advice or ideas?  I was told these would be the best canes to use because they were easy to use and store but I want to know.




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