[nfb-talk] Thanksgiving Memories

Judy Jones jtj1 at cableone.net
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Mine are of crowding around our table with the lace cloth from Shanghai.  We 
never had matching napkins, and there's a story.

Mom and dad were stationed in Okinawa at that time, and Dad, being a pilot, 
often flew mom to Shanghai for the weekend.  Mom remembers that is the only 
place where they could go to the military club and eat fresh vegies.  She 
remembers eating salads for breakfast just to get her fill.  She also 
learned how to shoot a gun because of the threat of the Communists marching 
in, and sleeping with a gun at their bedside.  (She says "under the pillow," 
but I don't know about that).

One weekend when they went, Dad bought her a handmade lace table cloth, but 
forgot the napkins, so he decided to go back the next weekend.

However when he did, everything was boarded up, no one on the streets, and 
he was informed the area was in prep for the communist take-over.  Thus the 
missing napkins for all the years of our Thanksgiving décor.


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Dear Memeaers,

Since it's Thanksgiving week I wanted to share some of my
favorite Thanksgiving memories.  I remember our first
Thanksgiving in Boston when I was a baby.  My family bought a big
turkey to cook for our Thanksgiving dinner.  They put me in my
carseat which was right next to the turkey and it was bigger than
me.  I remember in first grade we had a Thanksgiving feast with
lots of food.  We also had one in my dird-grade class with lots
of food and deserts.  What are your favorite Thanksgiving
memories? Hope to hear from you soon.

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