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Michael Hingson mike at michaelhingson.com
Wed Jun 15 17:25:46 UTC 2016

Greetings colleagues and friends,

As many of you now are aware by reading the NFB 2016 convention agenda a new
company, Aira Technologies will be conducting four sessions in Orlando to
introduce its new product. In addition, Aira will have a booth in the
exhibit hall and will be giving live demonstrations to convention goers as
you travel the exhibit hall or travel around the hotel property.

Aira will be holding introductory sessions on Thursday, June 30 at 11:00AM
and 6:00PM in Wekiwa 9, Level 2 and on Friday, July 1 at 1:00PM and 5:00PM
in Suwannee 20, also on Level 2 of the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel.

The convention agenda says about Aira, "Learn how Aira is ushering in an
exciting new stage in assistive technology through the use of wearable smart
glass devices and cutting-edge video and data streaming technologies to
assist the blind in a wide range of daily activities. Augmented reality and
artificial intelligence combine to render a new level of personal
assistance." I thought you might want to know a bit more about Aira as you
plan your convention activities. Aira is quite revolutionary in its method
of presenting information to blind persons. Whether or not Aira is as
remarkable as the KnfbReader is for you to decide. Below is a detailed
description of Aira Technologies and its product. Once you see Aira in
Orlando I hope you will be as excited as I am about its potential. Below is
the text of an Aira flyer which will answer some of your questions.

See you in Orlando. Now here are the Aira details. 

Best Regards,

Michael Hingson

>From exploring new neighborhoods, to traveling the globe-Aira empowers the
blind to further experience their world like never before.

How does Aira work? 
Users access Aira on their choice of wearable smart glasses (currently
Google Glass provided directly by Aira) and connect for service through a
mobile app on their personal smart phone. Requests are easily made at the
tap of a button, immediately connecting with the user's family, or friend or
even an Aira certified agent-depending on their subscribed level of service.

How do I sign up as a user? 
Find more information about our service and sign up at www.aira.io. Our team
will contact you with further details. We are currently working with beta
user testers, including many from the National Federation of the Blind of
California, to help make our service even greater as we prepare to launch
the Aira product by the end of 2016. 

What can I do with Aira?
Explore some common examples of daily situations and needs our Agents are
prepared to assist blind users with: 

.	Traveling: What intersection is this and where is the nearest bus
stop?  How do I get to Gate B-1 Here at Dallas Fort Worth Airport?

.	Shopping: I need to find a medium-sized red shirt?  Where is the
aisle for oatmeal raisin cookies?

.	Dining: What are all the vegetarian options on the menu?  Does this
steak appear to be medium rare?

.	Exploring:  Please direct me to the Baggage Claim area here at LAX.
I want to navigate the exhibits at this conference?

How do I sign up as a user? 
Find more information about our service and to sign up, visit www.aira.io .
Our team will contact you with further details. We are currently working
with beta user testers to help make our service even greater as we prepare
to launch the Aira product by the end of 2016. 

Here are the Subscription Plans Aira Offers:

. Low-cost plan
. Simply use your mobile phone to make agent requests; provides video
streaming from your phone's camera 

. Medium Usage 
. Certified Agents 
. A pair of Google Glass that allows you to wear and make agent requests any

. High Usage
. Preferred Agents 
. Provides everything that the Basic and Plus plans offer

Do I need to have my own wearable device? 
If you do not own your own compatible wearable device, we will provide you
one upon subscribing to our Plus or Premium tier plans. Otherwise, you can
continue to make agent requests from your mobile phones with our Aira App.

What devices can I use with Aira?
The Aira platform is designed to support the latest in wearable smart
technologies and, currently, we recommend using Google Glass. As we continue
to elevate our service, we will be able to extend support for other devices
such as Pivothead, or our own smart glasses in the near future.

Is this a replacement for my white cane or guide dog? 
Aira is not a replacement for your white cane or guide dog. Our services
work to complement and augment your current travel experience and
techniques. Aira strongly urges users to adopt our service as a powerful
addition to your current navigational tools, not a replacement. Aira agents
can help you navigate through your surroundings, read road signs and product
labels, locate and identify objects, organize and manage your personal
information and many other tasks.

Does my medical plan cover the cost? 
Unfortunately, not at this time, but we are exploring options that would
limit out-of-pocket costs for our users.

How can I protect my privacy?
The camera function on your wearable device will only activate when you make
a request to Aira. In addition, there is a privacy mode built into our
application that allows you to temporarily pause live streaming-this gives
you the ability to easily stop agents from seeing what you're seeing.

Sign-Up Now at www.aira.io for Your FREE 30-Minute Trial!
Receive your free 30-minute trial today (no credit card needed), and try out
Aira for yourself by requesting assistance via our mobile app. We're
confident you'll love what Aira can offer you and we look forward to hearing
your feedback. Once subscribed, you may use our app to change your level of
membership, or cancel, at any time. 

aira.io | @airaio | Facebook | LinkedIn | video

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