[nfb-talk] Dungeons & Dragons

John Heim john at johnheim.net
Fri Nov 18 17:07:17 UTC 2016

Anybody besides me play D&D?  When 5th edition came out like a year ago, 
I wrote to the company that owns the game, Wizards Of the Coast, 
suggesting that they send the manuals to bookshare.org. They do not put 
out an electronic version of the manuals because they are afraid of 
pirates. So a blind person simply has no access. By the way, I scanned 
in the 5th edition players guide and painstakingly corrected all the 
scanning errors. Well, maybe not all of them. I had planned to submit to 
bookshare myself but that turns out being hard. I still intend to do it 
but it will take some time. Meanwhile, I have a text file and a I 
generated my own html manual from it.

John Heim
john at johnheim.com

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