[nfb-talk] Delta Service Animal Policy to be Covered on Internet Radio Program

Chris Nusbaum cnusbaumnfb at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 22:40:57 UTC 2018

Fellow Federationists:

Since there has been a great deal of discussion on these lists in recent days regarding Delta's new policy on service animals, I thought I would announce here that this issue will be covered extensively on tonight's edition of The Blind Side, my Internet radio program which focuses on issues affecting the blind community. We will begin at 8:00 PM Eastern with an interview with Marion Gwizdala of the National Association of Guide Dog Users, during which he will talk about the Federation's official response to Delta's regulations. I don't think we'll have time for calls during Marion's segment, but if you have questions for him in advance, please email them to me at cnusbaum at 195theglobe.com and I will incorporate them into the interview. Calls will be welcome in the second segment if you have thoughts you would like to share after the interview. You can tune in starting at 8:00 PM Eastern by going to 195theglobe.com and clicking on the Listen link in the navigation menu. Alternatively, you can search for 195 The Globe on the TuneIn and ooTunes apps, or ask Alexa on your Amazon Echo to play 195 The Globe. I hope those who are interested will tune in and spread the word to other interested friends.

Chris Nusbaum

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