[nfb-talk] Delta's New Service Animal Policy

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Tue Jan 23 23:46:44 UTC 2018

Yes, a message just went out about this.


At 03:51 PM 1/23/2018, you wrote:
>I am wondering if the NFB is going to help fight this new policy on 
>Delta Airlines with respect to service animals.
>You have to upload documentation of vaccinations 48 hours in 
>advance? What if you're flying somewhere at the last minute? What if 
>you're forced to change planes? Besides, it's discrimination. That 
>guide dog is part of me. I shouldn't have to prove he is vaccinated 
>any more than anyone else has to prove they have gotten their flu 
>shot. I am kind of surprised that Delta even has the legal right to 
>make rules like this. This is not my understanding of my rights 
>under the Air Carrier Access Act.
>What I am really worried about is blind people showing up at a Delta 
>gate, not knowing or caring about Delta's policy, and being denied 
>access. You could get off a flight on another airline having no idea 
>Delta was any different and not be allowed to make your connecting flight.
>John Heim, john at johnheim.com
>"In my position, it is somewhat important that I not say any foolish things."
>  -- Abraham Lincoln

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