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Hi Jack,

I’ve only read a couple of these, but plan to read more in the series. Yes! The best thing about Miles is that he’s got a disability, but his disability doesn’t define his character. It’s an aspect, not the central driving force behind his character. In short, he’s exactly the way I would love to see more disabled characters portrayed, with human flaws and human strengths. 

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> Anybody here, besides me I mean, a fan of the books of Lois McMaster Bujold? She created this disabled character named Miles Vorkosigan who seems to have the mindset of a disabled character pegged. I mean, for me at least, the way Miles thinks about his disability is exactly the way I think about my disability.
> There are 2 things, specifically, about the character that resonated with me. First, when someone tells Miles he can't do something because of his disability, he becomes all that much more determined to do it. The worst thing you can do is make fun of him, that will make him absolutely determined to prove you wrong. The second thing is that he just keeps going no matter what. I have always felt that being disabled is such a beat down that if you don't kind of artificially keep going, you'll never succeed at anything. Get what I'm saying? It's not so much being brave as it is fear of failure.  It's almost an advantage of being disabled, learning to just keep going no matter what.
> I have asked only a handful of other disabled people to read these books and they were no where near as enthusiastic as I am. The character of Miles Vorkosigan didn't resonate nearly as much whth them as he does with me.
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