[NFB-Talk] Totally Blind Climatologist

Jack Heim john at johnheim.com
Wed Dec 18 17:17:40 UTC 2019

I suggest you broaden your search a little. I would look for people in 
the general area of atmospheric modeling, not necessarily 
climatologists. Some of that work is done by computer scientists, 
physicists, and mathematicians. And don't require them to be a member of 
the NFB. Even then I wouldn't hold out much hope. If you become a blind 
climatologist, I am going to say there is a good chance you will be the 
only one. Its not as bad as it sounds though. I manage the high 
performance computer cluster for a Math department at at a university 
and I'll bet I'm the only blind person in the world doing that.

The people that I work with who do atmospheric modeling are 
mathematicians. they use a wide variety of tools but most of them are 
fairly accessible. Some write their own code in C++ and Fortran. Others 
use Matlab and Mathematica. Its all on linux. All supercomputers run 
linux these days. So I don't know if some of that same work is done in 
Windows. If somebody wanted to work in Windows, they'd be working with 
somebody else, not me.

I don't think there is any great trick to this kind of thing though. 
Study hard, be aggressive. Don't take no for an answer. Believe in 
yourself. If other people do it, so can you.

Have you passed calculus yet? If you have already passed calculus, I'd 
say your chances are good.

On 12/18/19 10:21 AM, Mr. Alexander Scott Kaiser via nFB-Talk wrote:
> Good, Morning,:
> Good, Morning, my name is Alexander Kaiser. Can someone put me in touch with
> a Totally Blind federationist who is a climatologist who is currently
> working in the field? I have many questions for this individual regarding
> academic degree needed for the position, academic subject to be studied,
> and, the screen reader that is being used to do the job, and, What software
> is being used for climate modeling, and, the accessibility of such software
> with JAWS, Supernova screen reader, System Access, and Thunder. Please email
> me back with this information when you get the chance. My email address is:
> response is very greatly very appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> Mr. Alexander Scott Kaiser
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