[NFB-Talk] totally Blind Federationist as a climatologist

Mr. Alexander Scott Kaiser MISTER.ALEXANDER.SCOTT.KAISER.I. at GMX.us
Thu Dec 19 00:39:35 UTC 2019

Good, Evening,:

Good, Evening, my name is Alexander Kaiser. Can someone put me in touch with
a Totally Blind federationist who is a climatologist who is currently
working in the field? I have many questions for this individual regarding
academic degree needed for the position, academic subject to be studied,
and, the screen reader that is being used to do the job, and, What software
is being used for climate modeling, and, the accessibility of such software
with JAWS, Supernova screen reader, System Access, and Thunder. Please email
me back with this information when you get the chance. My email address is:

response is very greatly very appreciated.


Mr. Alexander Scott Kaiser

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