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Judy Jones sonshines59 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 18:20:29 UTC 2019

That's true!  I've seen the Shark.  Years ago, our Quality Sewing And Vacuum
store sold them, but advised me not to get one, because those, and the Dirt
Devil, which they also sold, did not have good suction.  It sounds like the
Shark has gotten better over the years, and I liked the shape and the
streamline of the Shark, why I was considering one.

Do you have the hand-vac or other?

The robot vacuums are also rechargeable with no cord.


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				Why do you want a robot vacuum? 
I ask because I love a very lightweight Shark vacumIon Lithium is the type
and it is about $200. 
It well, sucks and sucks very well. 
It is also recharageable which I like, I don't like cords, I have a toddler
and for whatever reason I worry the cord will wrap around his neck when I'm
vacuuming. An odd fear perhaps, but there it is. It's also a lot easier to
get to places corded vacuums can't reach. 
It has a container instead of a bag and it is very easy to empty. I like
that too. 
I mention all this because I thought I wanted a robot vacuum until I found
out about the lightweight recharagable vacuums. 

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Accessible Robot Vacuum or robot vacuum that does not give so many errors
and is not sensitive. I bought the Neato d4 connect and hate it because it
keeps saying the laser is not clean when I keep cleaning it. The Neato
company does not respond so I'm taking the robot back to the store.

Jeanette Torres

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