[nfb-talk] Accessible Robot Vacuum

Powers, Terry (NIH/NCI) [E] terry.powers at nih.gov
Tue Jan 8 19:20:49 UTC 2019

Who sells it?
Is there a filter?
Can you use it on hard floors?

Terry Powers

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				Why do you want a robot vacuum? 
I ask because I love a very lightweight Shark vacumIon Lithium is the type and it is about $200. 
It well, sucks and sucks very well. 
It is also recharageable which I like, I don't like cords, I have a toddler and for whatever reason I worry the cord will wrap around his neck when I'm vacuuming. An odd fear perhaps, but there it is. It's also a lot easier to get to places corded vacuums can't reach. 
It has a container instead of a bag and it is very easy to empty. I like that too. 
I mention all this because I thought I wanted a robot vacuum until I found out about the lightweight recharagable vacuums. 

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Accessible Robot Vacuum or robot vacuum that does not give so many errors and is not sensitive. I bought the Neato d4 connect and hate it because it keeps saying the laser is not clean when I keep cleaning it. The Neato company does not respond so I'm taking the robot back to the store.

Jeanette Torres

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