[NFB-Talk] braille award?

Chris Westbrook westbchris at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 22:54:58 UTC 2019

An issue came up on our parents group on facebook, and I thought I would
pose it hear to see if I'm totally off base. I like to participate in our
NOPBC facebook group not because I'm a parent but because I'm a blind adult
and hope to be a role model, etc. Anyway, a parent posted that her son, I
believe middle school age although it doesn't matter, had made the honor
role. Awesome. But she was upset that the award certificate that he got was
not in Braille and she was going to contact the school. I told her not to
bother calling the school, that not everything would be made in Braille
when he got older etc. I understand that academic material should be
provided in Braille, but felt that this should be let go. Wow. No one
agreed with me, and one parent wrote this response to my message listing
all the 25 million reasons why I was wrong. I can take it, I have thick
skin, but I'm just wondering am I out of touch? I know Braille is
important, and I know it  would not have taken long to do this, I just
think this type of thing isn't a big deal. I'm sure I got many awards in
school and I don't remember a single one of them being Brailled. I think
sometimes we go too far. Just wondering what you all think.

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