[NFB-Talk] [NFBCS] 48 hours only, Assistive Technology courses price dropped at their lowest prices!

David Andrews dandrews920 at comcast.net
Fri Dec 11 00:47:11 UTC 2020

Some states have dabbled in this area, like us in Minnesota, and 
there are some assistive technology-related certifications, from AT 
companies, and others, but I am not aware of a national certification 
for trainers specifically.


At 11:20 AM 12/10/2020, Littlefield, Tyler via NFBCS wrote:
>Not totally related to this email, but it mentions being certified. 
>Is there a board that certifies assistive technology companies?
>On 12/10/2020 9:10 AM, Gabe Vega Commtech LLC via NFBCS wrote:
>>48 hours only Online Courses for the blind are at their lowest 
>>prices! Windows 10 and more
>>The following is a list of the Current prices for courses. they 
>>will not be this low again.
>>Learn Windows 10. $49.99 regular price $99.99
>>Learn Dropbox $24.99 regular price $49.99
>>Learn Social Media, including Facebook, twitter, instagram and snap 
>>chat all from a blindness perspective for only 39.99 regular price $69.99.
>>Learn Word and Excel, taught by a blind college professor $69.99.
>>And we have so much more! check out our prices, at
>>Download our new Android App, perfect for your Phone, tablet, or 
>>even your braille note taker. we even have an app for your iphone, 
>>ipad, and your mac computer!
>>And thats not all, oh no its not. We have 30 day memberships to our 
>>remote support and training, for only $39.99 and an entire year for 
>>only $399.99, purchase 1, 2 3 or how ever many you need, for both 
>>monthly and yearly prices, these will not ever be this low again!
>>Need to purchase over the phone, shopping on the computer isn't 
>>quite your cup of tea. we got you covered there as well. give us a 
>>call 1-833-345-8324 Ext. 703. and we will get you started today!
>>We are Commtech USA, the only certified National Assistive 
>>Technology company serving consumers, businesses, vocation 
>>rehabilitation across the United States, modern, state of the art, 
>>Want to meet the team and the staff behind the company visit and 
>>watch the Meet the staff video at
>>Contact information
>>Web: https://commtechusa.net Email: info at commtechusa.net Instagram: 
>>https://instagram.com/commtechusa Facebook: 
>>https://facebook.com/commtechllc Twitter: 
>>https://twitter.com/commtechusa Office: (833) 345-8324 Ext 701 Fax: 
>>(661) 410-7577 2005 Eye St, Suite 6 PMB 180, Bakersfield, CA 93301
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