[NFB-Talk] Question about pets

Anna Givens annajee82 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 20 01:53:16 UTC 2020

Hi friends.
I have a question about pet dogs. I’m dog sitting and my vision is much worse than it used to be when I had dogs. I’m wondering with a pet dog, how do you what they are doing? I’m sitting a dog that has allergies and will chew on her paws if they are bothering her, so I need to know if that is happening so that I can address it. I realize I can check on her often, but other than that, any suggestions? Also, I do have a collar with tags that clink together so I know when she’s moving around, but I want to make sure she’s not getting into anything and other than being cautious about what’s out etc, I don’t want to have to be on top of her every second.
Additionally, I have had a couple times in the past where dogs who are away from their owners will pee or poop inside, even if they normally don’t just because things are out of the ordinary and they get anxious. 
This happened one time in the past after my vision got bad and I didn’t realize it had happened. How can I avoid this happening again? Even if I smelled something, I couldn’t find it.
Any and all ideas would be appreciated. 

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