[NFB-Talk] Questions about NFB conventions and seminars

Anna Givens annajee82 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 21 06:31:18 UTC 2020

Hi friends.

I don’t know if this may be a strange thought here, but I’m wondering: Why is NFB’s Washington seminar free? Or is it free? I didn’t find any info from past years online about any registration fee. And according to last years national convention info, registration cost $30 to attend the convention. Additionally, I know that state convention registration fees are also low. 
I’m very happy this is all the case. However, I’m very curious as to how and why this is, as any other disability Organizations’  conferences and/or large seminars that I am aware of or have attended seem to cost far more to register just to attend. 

I realize that blindness is a low incidence disability, and so has it’s own needs that may not be the case in things like employment, training, research, etc as compared to many other disabilities. But even so, the disabled population as a whole faces crises regarding economic struggle and I can’t quite figure out what to attribute the differences between costs in permission to attend seminars and conventions to from NFB’s seemingly low cost, to the cost of other Organizations’.

These events are just as expensive to put on for NFB as they are for the other large non-profits, yes?
So what’s the deal?

Thoughts appreciated.

Happy Friday.
Anna E Givens

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