[NFB-Talk] Questions about NFB conventions and seminars

David Andrews dandrews920 at comcast.net
Sat Feb 22 06:04:15 UTC 2020

I saw that Barbara Pierce gave you a very good 
answer on Ohio-Talk. I would add that I am go9ing 
to a technology conference in a couple weeks, and 
the cost is $500 and the hotel, with taxes is 
about $250 a day. So, we are cheap, and a bargain.


At 12:31 AM 2/21/2020, you wrote:
>Hi friends. I don’t know if this may be a 
>strange thought here, but I’m wondering: Why 
>is NFB’s Washington seminar free? Or is it 
>free? I didn’t find any info from past years 
>online about any registration fee. And according 
>to last years national convention info, 
>registration cost $30 to attend the convention. 
>Additionally, I know that state convention 
>registration fees are also low. I’m very happy 
>this is all the case. However, I’m very 
>curious as to how and why this is, as any other 
>disability Organizations’  conferences and/or 
>large seminars that I am aware of or have 
>attended seem to cost far more to register just 
>to attend. I realize that blindness is a low 
>incidence disability, and so has it’s own 
>needs that may not be the case in things like 
>employment, training, research, etc as compared 
>to many other disabilities. But even so, the 
>disabled population as a whole faces crises 
>regarding economic struggle and I can’t quite 
>figure out what to attribute the differences 
>between costs in permission to attend seminars 
>and conventions to from NFB’s seemingly low 
>cost, to the cost of other Organizations’. 
>These events are just as expensive to put on for 
>NFB as they are for the other large non-profits, 
>yes? So what’s the deal? Thoughts appreciated. 
>Happy Friday. Best, Anna E Givens

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