[NFB-Talk] Advice about the Deaf-blind and Zoom meetings

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Wed Sep 2 02:13:57 UTC 2020

Good evening list:

I'm writing this evening seeking some advice, preferably from someone in the
deaf-blind division or with more knowledge than I have.

I recently became the President of my local chapter here in Florida due to
our President having to step down. We like many other chapters have begun
having our meeting on Zoom, and for the most part, it is working out well.
We have a couple of members who are hearing impaired, and they have
requested accessibility for our meetings. I want to provide them with what
they need, as I am of the strong belief that accessibility is of the Ut most
importance. I have reached out to my state President and to the national
Office, and have received information about captioning which basically says
that the cost would be around $100 per hour. It was suggested by the
National Office that we look for "a more home grown" approach for chapter
meetings. Does anyone have suggestions as to what these home grown
approaches might be?

Again, I want all members to feel welcome to participate in our meetings,
and I would not want to be denied an accommodation, and I feel it is my
responsibility to provide one as well. Any help will be very much


Kaye Baker


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