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CEO Report 


>From Joni Earl 

Aug. 14, 2009 

In this edition 

Seattle Rotary Talk  

Ridership report for June 

FTA Quarterly meeting here 

Photo of the Week 

Sound Transit Board meeting Thursday 

Seattle Rotary this week 

I was pleased and honored on Wednesday to be guest speaker at the Rotary
Club of Seattle. During my presentation, I spent a good deal of time
detailing last month's historic launch of Link light rail service. As you
probably recall, we carried more than 92,000 riders that one weekend alone.
I also talked to the Rotary about Sound Transit 2 and our other Link
projects, including the extension of Link passenger service to Sea-Tac
Airport that begins in December. Construction on the University Link
extension is also underway and planning continues for extensions east, north
and south. 

I touched on the other projects and services Sound Transit provides: ST
Express buses, Sounder commuter rail, Tacoma Link light rail as well as the
many park-and-ride lots, direct access ramps and transit centers up and down
Central Puget Sound. 

The meeting went very well and there were several good questions afterwards.

Ridership report 

Through the first six months of 2009, total boardings on our Sound Transit
trains and buses was up 4.3 percent over the same period a year earlier.
Looking just at June, total boardings were up 1.7 percent compared with June
2008. However, our average weekday boardings were down slightly in June. The
increase in total boardings is largely attributable to one additional
weekday in June 2009. 

Looking more closely, the June numbers show that the average weekday
boardings on ST Express buses were down very slightly. Tacoma Link continued
to be a bright spot with average weekday boardings up by 9.5 percent while
Sounder commuter rail ridership was down 11.6 percent in June, compared to a
year earlier. Sounder ridership is particularly sensitive to changes in
gasoline prices. Last summer gas prices were nearly $4.50 a gallon, while
this summer prices are closer to about $2.70 a gallon. 

Also, just to let you know, early ridership on Central Link is going very
well. We're averaging about 12,000 riders a day and estimate that ridership
will increase to about 21,000 a day by the end of this year. By the end of
2010, we expect Central Link ridership to be around 26,000 to 27,000 a day. 

FTA Quarterly meeting 

The 44th Federal Transit Administration quarterly meeting was held here this
week. Besides going through the highlights of the last couple of months, we
briefed the FTA on our Airport, University and East Link light rail projects
and our ST Express bus and Sounder commuter rail programs. 

Photo of the Week 

Our photo this week shows construction underway on the Mountlake Terrace
Freeway Station in Snohomish County. 

to/> . 

The Sound Transit Board on Thursday: 

        Approved a contract amendment with LTK Engineering Services, LLC to
provide additional systems engineering final design work, design services
during construction, and light rail vehicle inspection and test support
services required for the University Link project in the amount of
$1,579,576, with a contingency of $158,023, totaling $1,737,599, for a new
total authorized contract amount not to exceed $9,922,972. 

        Approved a contract with Railworks Track Systems, Inc. to provide
construction services to expand the vehicle storage yard at the Link light
rail Operations and Maintenance Facility for North Link and University Link
projects in the amount of $11,150,000, with a contingency of $1,115,000 for
a total authorized contract amount not to exceed $12,265,000. 

 Union Station image

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