[nfbwatlk] Sub minimum wage

Gary Mackenstadt mackenstadt1948 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 03:11:08 UTC 2011

In American history, the struggle for a minimum wage has been very
intense and sometimes violent. Unfortunately, blind people and
otherwise disabled people have been subjected to different treatment.
Sub minimum wage has been okay according to the experts. The so called
experts frequently  disguise the sub minimum wage with what is called
a piece rate.

In 1976, when I became director of rehabilitation training of Blind
Industries and Services of Maryland I gavea a llot of thought to how
rehabilitation services could be changed to meet the needs of the

The first program I evaluated was the evaluation center where blind
people were paid by piece rate. I decided to put myself through the
evaluation program. Of the 21 tests which were administered I
eliminated seventeen. I was also evaluated on piecenrate. I decided to
eliminate all piece rate and to pay minimum wage to those individuals
in the program. There is no factual or logical basis for the payment
of sub minimum wage. Anyone who believes there is justification for
sub minimum  wage is either ignorant or lying through their teeth..
Gary Mackenstadt

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