[nfbwatlk] Thanks to Jacob for the heads up!

Prows, Bennett (HHS/OCR) Bennett.Prows at HHS.GOV
Mon Jul 25 16:08:53 UTC 2011

Sorry, meant to send this to thank Jacob for the heads up. He and many of us were at the picnic at Noel and Jim's house on Saturday.  The food was good, company excellent, topics of discussion plentiful, and most importantly, the weather was perfect.  For those who couldn't attend, you missed something special.  We had lots of fun too, and thanks to Mike Mello and all, the party was fantastic.

Noel and Jim, thanks for hosting the great event.

Onward to meet at the Federal building to let the public know that we need a vote to remove Section 511 from the reauthorization of the rehab Act bill, because we don't want or need disabled persons exploited at less than the minimum wage.



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