[nfbwatlk] a Job that requires a valid driver's license andautomobile liability insurance coverage to be qualified?

debby phillips semisweetdebby at gmail.com
Sat May 14 18:29:49 UTC 2011

Hi Humberto, here's my take on this job requirement.  That area 
of the state, and the kind of clinic it is, sounds like it could 
include a lot of driving to different sites.  If you were 
applying for this job, you would need to be able to get from 
place to place, the there might not always be public 
transportation.  Also it isn't always efficient to use public 
transportation if you have to go to several different places in a 
work day.  That doesn't mean that this can't be overcome, though.  
Many blind people perform jobs where they have to travel to 
various sites--like rehab teachers that go to their clients' 
houses.  Sometimes they use volunteer drivers and either they, or 
the employer pays for mileage; sometimes they hire their own 
drivers, which is a bummer to have to do but sometimes that's 
what people have to do.

I love your gung ho spirit and as one of my teachers used to say, 
There's more then one way to skin a cat.  Don't worry, it's a 
slang way of saying There's more than one way of doing things.  
Take good care, Humberto.    Peace,    Debby

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