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Here is what is going on with our sisters and brothers in the Canadian Federation of the Blind.

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> Hi all,
> The fall issue of The Blind Canadian is up on CFB's website, cfb.ca
> Here is the table of contents. Hope you enjoy reading it.
> Table of Contents
> The Rough and Bumpy Road to Transit Accessibility for the Blind in B.C. <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#1>, by Doris Belusic
> Automated Transit Call-Out Stops Needed <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#2>, by Daryl Jones
> Little Has Changed for Blind Transit Users <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#3>, by Mary Ellen Gabias
> Transit Resolution Seems to be on Track <>, by Frederick Driver
> B.C. Transit Will Trial New Call-Out System on Buses Helping Riders Locate Streets and Stops <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#5>, by Doris Belusic
> Visually Impaired Nancy Gill Organizes Fundraiser for Program That Would Help Her Be Employed Once Again <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#6>, by Rattan Mall
> More Info on Intensive Blindness Skills Rehab Training <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#7>
> NFB Training Centres <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#8>
> CFB Members Elect New Executive Board 2015 – 16 <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#9>
> Congratulations are in Order <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#10>
> Boston From My Perspective <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#11>, by Gaston Bedard
> Back to Notre Dame 28 Years Later <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#12>, by Dr. Paul Gabias
> Judging From Some Reviews, the Film ‘Blind’is Way Off Base <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#13>, by Frederick Driver
> Bill 17 Barking Up the Wrong Tree <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#14>, by Mary Ellen Gabias
> A Letter to B.C. Government Regarding Proposed Bill 17 <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#15>, by Oriano Belusic
> Help Blind Canadians by Donating Aeroplan Miles <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#16>
> Gifts to the CFB <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#17>
> All Praise to the Humble Slate and Stylus <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#18>, by Rebecca Blaevoet
> Thinking Over ‘People First’ Language <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#19>, by Mary Ellen Gabias
> Revisiting the ‘Blindness: Concepts and Misconceptions’ Speech <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#20>, by Dr. Paul Gabias
> Confidence and Trust: My Training at the Louisiana Center for the Blind <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#21>, by Kayleigh Joiner
> Recipes <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#22>
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