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Hi all,
The fall issue of The Blind Canadian is up on CFB's website, cfb.ca
Here is the table of contents. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Table of Contents

The Rough and Bumpy Road to Transit Accessibility for the Blind in B.C. <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#1> , by Doris Belusic
Automated Transit Call-Out Stops Needed <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#2> , by Daryl Jones
Little Has Changed for Blind Transit Users <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#3> , by Mary Ellen Gabias
Transit Resolution Seems to be on Track, by Frederick Driver
B.C. Transit Will Trial New Call-Out System on Buses Helping Riders Locate Streets and Stops <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#5> , by Doris Belusic
Visually Impaired Nancy Gill Organizes Fundraiser for Program That Would Help Her Be Employed Once Again <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#6> , by Rattan Mall
More Info on Intensive Blindness Skills Rehab Training <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#7> 
NFB Training Centres <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#8> 
CFB Members Elect New Executive Board 2015 – 16 <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#9> 
Congratulations are in Order <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#10> 
Boston From My Perspective <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#11> , by Gaston Bedard
Back to Notre Dame 28 Years Later <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#12> , by Dr. Paul Gabias
Judging From Some Reviews, the Film ‘Blind’is Way Off Base <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#13> , by Frederick Driver
Bill 17 Barking Up the Wrong Tree <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#14> , by Mary Ellen Gabias
A Letter to B.C. Government Regarding Proposed Bill 17 <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#15> , by Oriano Belusic
Help Blind Canadians by Donating Aeroplan Miles <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#16> 
Gifts to the CFB <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#17> 
All Praise to the Humble Slate and Stylus <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#18> , by Rebecca Blaevoet
Thinking Over ‘People First’ Language <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#19> , by Mary Ellen Gabias
Revisiting the ‘Blindness: Concepts and Misconceptions’ Speech <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#20> , by Dr. Paul Gabias
Confidence and Trust: My Training at the Louisiana Center for the Blind <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#21> , by Kayleigh Joiner
Recipes <http://www.cfb.ca/the-blind-canadian-volume-10-fall-2015#22> 


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