[nfbwatlk] resolutions committee

Marci Carpenter mjc59 at comcast.net
Wed Oct 28 00:50:57 UTC 2015

I am appointing the following people to the 2015 Resolutions Committee:

Noel Nightingale-Seattle, Chairperson
Julie Warrington-SnoKing
Denise Mackenstadt-Sequin
Debby Phillips-Inland Empire
Doug Trimble-Clark County

Resolutions are the method we use for setting policy for the organization. Sometimes we commend people or groups for outstanding efforts and sometimes we call on entities or people to do something to remedy a problem. In the NFB of Washington the committee is comprised of a representative from each of our active chapters. I encourage anyone who is interested to attend the meeting. This meeting is open to all. It will convene immediately after the board meeting on Friday evening in the Tacoma Room (in the same area as the Seattle Room. If you have an issue which you feel should be considered by the convention you can email it to Noel at Noel.Nightingale at ed.gov  or call her at 206-607-1632, or you can contact her at convention. Resolutions are read and discussed in the committee meeting. The committee then recommends that the convention either pass or not pass each resolution. The resolutions are then read during one of the convention sessions, the recommendation is stated and the convention votes to adopt, or not to adopt, each resolution.


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