[nfbwatlk] Holiday greetings, and salutations from Long Island New York, and the a project question?

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Hi Maurice, a suggestion for your art project. I have used aluminum foil to represent water. Sometimes at art stores you can get the foil in colors and if that were possible, I would get it in blue. Good luck with your project and have a good Christmas and I pray that the new year brings you much success. Betty Watson

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 good morning friends, as the subject line states, I am in Long Island New York but Helen Keller national Center for deaf blind youth and adults. So I figured I will write the entire list with holiday greetings and a question.

For my art project I have decided to make a tactile map/painting of our state. The art teacher and I are coming up with interesting ways to represent features in terms of the land within the borders of the state of Washington. The question of God is to make good suggestions on how to represent water? Of course the years of thinking about the Columbia River in the south Puget Sound, like Washington, and any other body of water that I haven’t listed here.

I think with come up with a good way to represent the Cascades, the Olympics, the Okanogan Highlands, and the will of Paul Hills. Let’s just say it involved plaster. I do have a photograph of the beginnings of this painting, tactile map. And can send the picture if one were to write me off list.

In closing I just want to wish everyone happy holidays and if I don’t get a chance to write another email before 2017 arrives a happy and safe when the end of 2017.

I’m going to close with an account of something good that happened here this morning. While getting my breakfast, we eat cafeteria style here. Along with the breakfast sandwich I was handed a gift bag, that I certainly didn’t expect. The thought was great. It contained a malt cup with a permanent scar, and something that let’s just say, not good for diabetics. I think that’s it for now, may you all be well and enjoying the season, and once this project is done I will decide what I will do if it.

Sincerely Maurice mines.
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