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AccessWorld Teaser: An Update on Amazon Accessibility and Using NVDA with Kindle for PC


May 7, 2017

By Bill Holton

Like Microsoft and Apple before them, Amazon now offers an accessibility Hotline users of screen readers and Braille displays can call to obtain help with locating items and adding them to your shopping cart. Most Amazon help pages include a "click to call me" link, but you can reach the hotline directly by calling 1-888-283-1678. We describe this new service in the May 2017 issue of AccessWorld, along with news about accessibility enhancements to other Amazon products.

Did you know the Amazon Fire TV offers a VoiceView screen reader? When we took a first look at this streaming TV device in the September 2016 issue of AccessWorld neither Netflix nor Hulu were accessible. Now they are, and the company has also made numerous other enhancements to VoiceView.

Thinking of buying a Kindle E-Reader? The latest model includes Bluetooth capabilities, and you can now use a Bluetooth speaker or set of earbuds to have your Kindle books read aloud to you. You can also instruct an Amazon Echo, Tab or Tap to do the same. Now at last the Kindle PC app works with  the free Non Visual Display Access (NVDA) screen reader. Pretty cool, eh? But as they say on TV: "wait! There's more!"

Perhaps you have downloaded and tried the free, full-featured NVDA screen reader from  NV Access, but put it aside because of the speech quality, which many new screen reader users find difficult to understand. Well, in this article we'll tell you how you can upgrade those voices to the same ones you now enjoy on your iPhone.

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