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Subject: ADA/Title VI Coordinator - City of Bellevue

The City of Bellevue is currently looking for an ADA/Title VI Coordinator - if you have a list serv to share with that would be much appreciated! Thank you!

Apply online at www.bellevuewa.gov<http://www.bellevuewa.gov>

The City of Bellevue is a dynamic, international and multicultural, future-focused, diversity driven, high performing City. The City invests in its employees and encourages and rewards employee growth and development.  We build on our commonalities and our differences.  Bellevue is noted for its diversity, community involvement, intellectual excitement, artistic pursuits, and natural beauty. The National League of Cities issued Bellevue its Cultural Diversity Award in 2015. Livability.com ranked Bellevue number 14 on its 2015 Top 100 Best Places to Live.

Bellevue is a diverse community with people of various races, ethnic backgrounds, languages, economic classes, abilities, ages, religions, genders, sexual orientations and other diversity-related factors. In 2014, City Council adopted Bellevue's Diversity Advantage Plan which provides the foundation for this work (suggested reading prior to applicants applying for this position). In the same year, City Council adopted the vision statement "Bellevue welcomes the world. Our diversity is our strength.  We embrace the future while respecting the past"


As a Culturally Competent organization, Bellevue works to exhibit the following attributes:
1.      Enact and Uphold Equitable Policies and Practices
2.      Hire and Train Culturally Competent Staff
3.      Provide Programs that are Responsive and Accessible to All
4.      Provide Safe and Welcoming Living and Working Environments
5.      Respectfully Engage Cross-Culturally in Community Life
6.      Collectively Correct Systemic Inequities
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
This position will work as the City's defined ADA/Title VI Administrator. This is a 1.0 FTE. The position functions as a member of the Diversity Advantage Team which includes two other full time staff and is charged with implementing the Diversity Advantage Plan.
*         Work as a member of the Diversity team to implement recommendations of the Diversity Advantage Plan.
*         Serve as the assigned ADA/Title VI Administrator for the City of Bellevue. Ensure timely follow up on grievances, claims of discrimination and investigations.
*         Evaluate requests for accommodations and services based on the needs of self-identified residents, staff, and visitors. Maintain records and compile information for reports on response to these requests.
*         Coordinate accommodations, auxiliary aids, services and access with appropriate department staff to maintain compliance with ADA and Title VI.
*         Lead city efforts to develop a City-wide Language Access policy and evaluate standards for translation of written materials, interpretation services and physical access to meetings and programs. Monitor implementation and serve as contact for any staff or resident questions.
*         Serve as lead staff in administrating meetings and developing the work plan for the City's ADA Committee. The Administrator will play an integral role in shaping and defining the direction of the City's Self Evaluation and Transition plan and work with the committee charged with identifying and making recommendations to resolve accessibility barriers.
*         Draft/update the City's ADA Self Evaluation and Transition plan.
*         Review and update the City's Title VI reports.
*         Work collaboratively with all City departments to engage in proactive, strategic planning and implementation to assure access and compliance with 504/ADA and Title VI.
*         Establish a knowledge base of best practices and available resources for ADA, Title VI, cultural competence and equity within the City of Bellevue.
*         Establish, enforce and review policies to maintain compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as all federal, state and local legislation and regulations related to access and accommodations for facilities and programs.
*         Make policy recommendations to city leadership on changes to city policies to address or enhance ADA, Title VI and inclusion practices.
*         Work with Diversity and Inclusion Administrator and others to develop, present and evaluate training programs and informational presentations to ensure employees are developing skills regarding disability access, rights and responsibilities.
*         Develop, implement and evaluate city and community events as determined.
*         Support outreach efforts to connect with disability advocacy groups locally and regionally.
*         Develop performance measures to review and evaluate city-wide progress in ensuring programs, facilities and services are accessible.
*         Provide periodic written and oral reports to management teams and City Council.
Education and Experience
*         Bachelor's degree in public or business administration, political science, social studies or a related field from an accredited institution.
*         Three (3) years of full-time, professional-level experience with ADA, Title VI, cultural competency, diversity consulting or training, mediation, inclusion services.
*         Three (3) or more years of professional related experience in organizational development, program or project management.
*         Or any equivalent combination of education and/or work experience that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.
*         Demonstrated success in providing comprehensive oversight over multiple programs and project management .
*         Ability to review, develop and implement practices and/or strategies in organizational development related to ADA and Title VI.
*         Expertise and knowledge of best practices regarding disability, equity, and cultural competence training.
*         Strong skills in cross-departmental team building.
*         Ability to work effectively with broad and varied populations.
*         Ability to interpret and apply policies and procedures to ambiguous situations.
*         Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
*         Skills and experience in public speaking and presentations, large group facilitation, training and public interaction.
Ability to:
*         Work collaboratively with community members, city staff, and the media.
*         Interpret and implement laws and policies regarding ADA and Title VI.
*         Exhibit a nonjudgmental, open manner and utilize effective interpersonal skills.
*         Provide thoughtful and thorough analysis to resolve difficult diversity issues.
*         Listen and communicate effectively with citizens in response to accommodation requests.
*         Effectively perform confidential and sensitive assignments.
*         Establish and maintain effective working relationships with city staff.
*         Handle multiple projects and issues simultaneously.
*         Use good judgment in prioritizing work assignments.

Kristin Headlee
Talent Acquisition and Staffing Analyst
Human Resources Department
City of Bellevue


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