[NFBWATlk] Note From Chris Jones About Walmart Shopping Experience

Anmol Bhatia anmolpbhatia at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 08:12:59 UTC 2021

Hello Chris
 and all,
This information does not sound correct at all. I shop at Walmart all
the time since it only about a block from my apartment and I have not
had any problem getting shopping assistance and have not been told of
this policy. I will admit when Covid first started last March, many
blind individuals were asked to bring their own assistant, but this
was due to the restrictions and the short staff many stores were
experiencing at the time; however, since the fall I have not had this
problem. However, there are times I have had to wait a while because
the Walmart where I am shopping is short staffed that day, but again I
have never been told of this policy.
I would contact the Walmart corporate office by calling 1800-925-6278
and ask about this policy and possiblely report this store.

On 3/23/21, Chris Jones via NFBWATlk <nfbwatlk at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Dear Listers,
> This is Chris Jones from Sedro-Woolley.
> Earlier this afternoon I went to Walmart to pick up a very few items and to
> get some Subway sandwiches.
> I met a greeter who found me a young lady who gave me some very strange
> information.
> She indicated that Walmart no longer provides customer assistance in
> shopping and that everything needs to be handled on-line.
> I was told that this has been their policy for somewhat over a year.
> I was shocked, but went ahead and asked this lady to show me the Subway
> area, which she did.
> I completed that portion of shopping and, when I got home, called a manager
> of Walmart at the Mount Vernon store.
> He explained that, due to Covid restrictions, an associate could not be
> involved with such a shopping trip for any more than 15 minutes.
> I asked if I had a short list, if someone could obtain products for me.
> He said that if I needed a very few items he could probably grant me an
> exception to policy.
> I do not regularly shop Walmart and I have never found such a reception at
> Costco, Fred Meyer, Safeway or any other store which I frequent.
> Is there anyone who can explain this type of treatment to me? Is this a
> Walmart thing, or does this occur at many other stores where folks shop?
> Feel free to respond here, or if you'd like to e-mail me privately, my
> e-mail is clj53787 at gmail.com.
> Thank you, one and all.
> Chris Jones

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