[NFBWATlk] Note From Chris Jones About Walmart Shopping Experience

Judy Jones sonshines59 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 21:02:06 UTC 2021

Hi, Betty,

The other stores in our area, no problem.

I appreciate that Marci will be making contact.


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I am sorry for your experience Chris, but I believe that things like this are happening all over. Here in Vancouver, I have no longer been able to get assistance shopping at my usual Safeway and another of our chapter members has had a similar experience at Fred Myers. I have been told that most of the stores have had staffing hours cut back drastically since the beginning of the year. I do believe we all have to work on communicating with store managers so they understand our need for assistance. I know for me it is difficult  to have to step back and start over again. I believe though we all need to work on this together. Betty Fitzpatrick 



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Dear Listers,
This is Chris Jones from Sedro-Woolley.
Earlier this afternoon I went to Walmart to pick up a very few items and to get some Subway sandwiches.
I met a greeter who found me a young lady who gave me some very strange information.
She indicated that Walmart no longer provides customer assistance in shopping and that everything needs to be handled on-line.
I was told that this has been their policy for somewhat over a year.
I was shocked, but went ahead and asked this lady to show me the Subway area, which she did.
I completed that portion of shopping and, when I got home, called a manager of Walmart at the Mount Vernon store.
He explained that, due to Covid restrictions, an associate could not be involved with such a shopping trip for any more than 15 minutes.
I asked if I had a short list, if someone could obtain products for me.
He said that if I needed a very few items he could probably grant me an exception to policy.
I do not regularly shop Walmart and I have never found such a reception at Costco, Fred Meyer, Safeway or any other store which I frequent.
Is there anyone who can explain this type of treatment to me? Is this a Walmart thing, or does this occur at many other stores where folks shop?
Feel free to respond here, or if you'd like to e-mail me privately, my e-mail is clj53787 at gmail.com.
Thank you, one and all.
Chris Jones 

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