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Tue Aug 3 11:10:46 UTC 2010


Exciting news from Partho Bhowmick. Forwarding his message:

It's my pleasure to launch Blind With Camera School of Photography (www.blindwithcameraschool.org<http://www.blindwithcameraschool.org/>) a virtual school with step-by-step tutorials for the visually impaired to get started with photography and provide guidance to sighted photographer for starting photographic workshops with local visually impaired people. This website is in compliance with accessibility standard for the visually impaired.

This alternative approach along with physical workshops & training sessions conducted by Blind With Camera will widen and deepen the creative and social deliverable, enriching the blind and the sighted community, and inspire social change.

In 2010, Blind With Camera project is going strong. To know about our recent Pinhole workshops and coming exhibitions click on links below -

To view new works click below

The site looks really great!
Congratulations Partho! (Partho Bhowmick, Initiator of Blind With Camera project, Founder of Beyond Sight Foundation)

All the best,


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