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Local artists hosting show at the civic center
*LAKE JACKSON ---* Mixed media artist Dana Moody-Stevens said during her 
career, spanning nearly three decades, her art's been overseas and even 
stolen, more than once.

This weekend, the legally blind artist's boldly colorful, textured 
paintings and pottery will be on display and for sale during her 
"Visions of Color" exhibit from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday at the Lake 
Jackson Civic Center. Admission is free.

NYC Art Exhibit Showcases Stunning Math-Inspired Paintings
Like Newton, who figures heavily into Saiers' paintings (albeit in 
decidedly abstract ways), circles appear everywhere in the artist's 
work. Circles take the form of colorful dots floating in space in 
unfamiliar patterns. But these colorful dots have a message: They spell 
out words in Braille, the tactile writing system used by the blind and 
visually impaired.

Saiers said he uses Braille for a number of reasons. For one, it's a 
symbol of what he believes is U.S. society's blindness to world issues, 
such as genocide and insufficient access to clean water. But Braille 
also embodies his work as a whole; it's a simple collection of shapes 
that represents something much more complex --- a whole world of ideas. 
Packing these little circles of meaning onto a square canvas has a 
deeper meaning too, according to Saiers.

"There's a famous problem in mathematics from the Greeks called squaring 
the circle," Saiers said. "It's the idea of trying to form a square that 
has the same area as a given circle, using only a compass and a straight 
edge. It turns out, this problem is impossible. So when I see a circle 
and square on the same canvas, I immediately see dissonance." [The 11 
Most Beautiful Mathematical Equations

Headset creates "3D soundscape" to help blind people navigate cities
research group Future Cities Catapult and tech company Microsoft 
<http://www.dezeen.com/tag/microsoft/> have developed a headset that 
sends the wearer three-dimensional sound information in a push to make 
urban areas more navigable for blind people (+ movie).

Colors of the wind gets colorful

Learning how to make life a beautiful experience when living with a 
degenerative eye disease is what legally blind artist George Mendoza 
talked about with students yesterday at Skyline's "Colors of the Wind" 
event - See more at: 

Blind actor' is a role he shuns

An actor's life is one of auditions and rejections.

But what if --- because of a disability --- you feared you'd face 
rejection before you ever sang a note, danced a step, or uttered a line?

That's the reality of Blake Stadnik, 23, of Ellwood City, Pa., who plays 
Marius in the North Shore Music Theatre's production of "Les 
Misérables," which opened Tuesday and runs until Nov. 16.

He suffers from Stargardt's disease, an inherited form of juvenile 
macular degeneration, and has been legally blind since he was 7. That 
hasn't stopped him from embarking on a promising career as a 
professional performer.


How an 'eyeborg' enables a colour blind artist to make art


The new Marina Abramovic art show is literally senseless

Imagine all of a sudden you've become blind and deaf, then led into a 
room and left there.

Welcome to Marina Abramovic's new show.

For "Generator," at the Sean Kelly Gallery, the grandmother of 
performance artists left her favorite subject --- herself, sometimes 
naked, sometimes not --- to focus on us. Stripped of our cellphones, 
then blindfolded and fitted with noise-canceling headphones, we're 
expected to generate what art historian Alexander Dorner once described 
as "the new type of art . . . more like a power station, a producer of 
new energy."

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