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Art garden needs some community support in order to grow

Kansas State School for the Blind: Unleashing the power of independence

loves art and describes in detail a piece he created while attending the 
West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and Blind.

"It was a self portrait

TOUCH St Augustine Art Garden Groundbreaking
The St. Augustine Art Association reported to Historic City News this 
week that they recently broke ground for the new TOUCH St. Augustine Art 
Garden at the Art Center on Marine Street.


Read more here: 

  Blind dancers of Articulate Ability perform in Boston

Boston: They ended their performance by dancing to a piece which took 
its title from a Sanskrit sloka, "Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya," - "Lead me 
from Darkness unto Light," - urging the powers Almighty to lead them 
towards light - and yet it seemed that it was they who were leading us 
in the audience to ever-increasing light and vision.

These were the five dancers who form part of the dance-troupe, 
Articulate Ability, and are all legally blind. They performed at the 
Regis College in Weston MA on Saturday October 11.


Articulate Ability's Blind Artists Wow Audience

WESTON, MA - The five dancers who form part of the dance-troupe, 
Articulate Ability, and are all legally blind, performed at the Regis 
College in Weston, MA on Saturday, October 11. The event was organized 
by Association for India's Development (AID - Boston & MIT chapters).
  Their flawless execution of dance moves and their coordination on 
stage thrilled audience members. "It's amazing how synchronized they 
were but beyond that, they were incredible performers - surpassing most 
bands and troupes that I know of," said Zainab Lakhani of Cambridge, MA.


How do visually impaired people enjoy art?

Lisa Squirrel is visually impaired -- but visual art is one of her great 
passions. As a student she fought resistance from teachers to study art 
history, and now leads tours at some of London's leading galleries.

To experience works she cannot fully see, Lisa reads about them 
extensively. Close description by a sighted person and guided hand 
movements in front of the pieces allow her to understand their shapes 
and forms. Her in-depth knowledge of artists' techniques and materials 
let her build a rich picture in her mind.

BBC Culture joined Lisa on a recent tour for visually impaired people of 
Tate Britain's exhibition Turner: Painting Set Free 
to find out about her experience of art and her work to bring enjoyment 
of it to partially sighted people.


BARR. KAMAR-DEEN LANRE ADEBAYO: Blind, yes... but I see just as well

*While working in the print media, you were reviewing visual arts, stage 
plays, films and home videos. How were you doing that? *

Talking about print journalism and the arts, I see myself as informer. 
The role of a journalist is to inform. Mine is to gather information and 
communicate the information to the reader. For an art exhibition, for 
instance, on the first day of the exhibition when it is opening, I would 
move round with all the other art viewers, listen to all their comments 
and speeches, and all that and asked them of their opinions about the 
art works. Then on a later day when the art exhibition is less occupied 
with people, I would go there and the artist would conduct me round the 
art works and explaining to me each work and I would ask him questions. 
Maybe, by virtue of my training in English Language, which has a way of 
introducing one to the art generally, I developed a perception for the 
arts. So, I was able to interpret things even beyond what anybody would 
tell me. I was able to form my own independent opinion.

As per the technicalities of the production of the artworks, I will ask 
questions from the artist -- how come you used this colour, how come 
this one is rough, I would feel some of the artworks, how come this is 
rough, is it the brush strokes?

I became gradually schooled in visual art production. By the time I 
would review the artworks, I would put up all the information I had 
gathered and married it with my own perception of the work and 
interpretation of the work, I would come out with my review.


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