[blindkid] Braille please?

Marianne Denning marianne at denningweb.com
Thu Nov 14 14:02:39 UTC 2013

Braille is a critical tool in the toolbox of blind people.  There are
many tools including key boarding, listening, PDA's, GPS devices,
cane/dog, and many others.  It is very important to learn the proper
tool for each task we want to accomplish.  The TVI and O&M specialist
should be teaching all of these skills and help each student decide
which is appropriate.  This ties back into the need to make the
expanded core curriculum a part of federal law.

I learned braille in 7th grade and am a very fast, proficient braille
reader.  I should have learned it in first grade but times were
different then.

On 11/14/13, Bo Page <bo.page at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Just wanted to add my experience on this topic.  My daughter is a 21 year
> old braille user.  I've discovered that it's important that a blind student
> learns braille immediately in kindergarten, but at some point they need to
> learn keyboarding. They will need this experience when they are in college
> in order to communicate with their professors.  Keyboarding allows my
> daughter to engage in Facebook conversations and the like.  She reads her
> assignments in school in braille and types out her homework.  My daughter
> has CP affecting her hands and so her typing is slow, but she keeps
> practicing.  She loves being able to communicate on the same level as her
> sighted peers.  It empowers her.  Had my daughter only brailled up until
> this point, she would be at a severe disadvantage.
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>>Braille only.  If your son's English teacher cannot comprehend that, then
>>he is out of touch with reality.  Trudy, if your son has demonstrated a
>>mastery of braille, then he needs to use it.  Gail, I have used braille
>> for
>>35 years; I will be 40 on March 21.  Braille, baby!
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