[blindlaw] Bar Performance Test

Stephen Alexander Marositz samarositz at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 12:54:37 UTC 2014

Hello List


I am a Jaws user and I plan to take the California Bar this summer.  


I am taking a class designed to simulate the performance test.  Can anyone
share with me what I can expect?  Here I am talking about nuts and bolts,
not the content of the test.  How will the exam be formatted?  What software
will they allow me to use to read it?  Will they allow me to manipulate it
in any way?


For our first practice exam, it was one long pdf file.  I opened it up in
QRead <file:///C:\Program%20Files%20(x86)\QRead\readme.html#qread>  and
placed bookmarks between each of the authorities so I could move between
them easily.  I doubt I will be allowed to do that for the actual exam.  


I have a second but related question.  I understand for the actual bar exam,
I will probably be granted extra time.  Because this is a class where we
will likely be doing one practice performance test each class session,
taking the extra time is somewhat impractical.  Should I be trying to do
them in the regular time now to improve my speed with reading and writing?
To this point, every other exam I have taken I have been granted double
time.  Alternatively, should I look to take the extra time now to better
simulate how it will be on the bar?  


Thank you in advance for your insight.  


Stephen Alexander Marositz


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