[Blindmath] Two questions for those who use R

Christine Szostak szostak.1 at osu.edu
Sun May 16 09:54:35 UTC 2010

  Two thoughts from a fairly new R user.

1)  Sink() will let you do I believe what it is you are wanting to do. You 
first indicate with sink where you want the information to be output (e.g., 
sink(e:/mytextfile.txt), notice the / instead of the \. If you use \ you 
need to use two of them so that R knows it is intended as a \ rather than a 
special character (e.g., sink(e:\\mytextfile.txt). The / mark will do the 
same think and you only need one as in my first example. R treats the / mark 
as the \ mark. Once you indicate with sink() where you want information to 
be output, you simply need to type sink() after the line of code you want to 
be output. thus, it will send your table or other results to a text file or 
other specified file. I believe you would be able to specify .doc instead of 

2)  For R, use the JAWS cursor to explore the output in the terminal itself. 
This also works with general commandlines (e.g., MS-DOS prompt and command 

  Hope this helps.

Christine M. Szostak
Graduate Student
Language Perception Laboratory
Department of Psychology, Cognitive Area
The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio
szostak.1 at osu.edu
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> Hi All:
> I am trying to familiarize myself with R's environment. I have two
> questions. I would like to know that are there any options of
> exporting the contents of rterm to any text processor? preferably
> Word? I would like to see the content of rterm on a text processor so
> I can develop a better feel for what R is doing. typing
> data=c(1,2,3,4,5)
> and then hearing > makes you feel that somehow you are  not
> interacting with the program. My second question is if we can export
> or copy the contents of rterm to a text processor, can we preserve the
> formatting of tables we have created in R? when you type table(X,Y)
> in R, jaws announces the numbers R prints on the screen. But I do not
> receive any information about the number of rows and columns.
> Similarly in  my limited experience when you use the arrow keys in
> rterm you mostly get to hear the functions you have typed. any
> suggestions on how to get more infromation about the tables R creates
> and reading contents of rterm in a text processor?
> Thanks all,
> faiz.
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