[Blindmath] MathML issues

Mary Stores mstores at indiana.edu
Thu Oct 21 14:57:59 UTC 2010


I have several questions...

So most of the people here at the university where I work use JAWS, and 
there's a group that has created some pages with MathML. The only 
solution I know about for reading math equasions this way is to use 
MathPlayer. It was last tested by me using JAWS 10 and IE7.

So I've upgraded since then, and the group has asked us some questions 
about their spry panels. In re-testing, I've upgraded to JAWS 11 and 
IE8. MathPlayer no longer seems to work. JAWS will tell me how many 
landmarks, links and headings there are, show the links list, etc., but 
not read any text, links, etc. using the arrow keys.

The Known Issues page of Design Science, the people who created 
MathPlayer, was last updated in 2004.

The Freedom Science Fiction tech support person has never heard of the 
MathPlayer program and seemed unwilling to install it.

Since then, I have also become aware of a VoiceOver user on campus. I 
don't know how he would read these Math equasions. I am wondering about 
a more accessible solution for everyone.

Some sample Math equasions can be found at 

If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.



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