[Blindmath] MathML issues

Mary Stores mstores at indiana.edu
Thu Oct 21 12:21:42 CDT 2010

Hi Birkir,

I uninstalled and then reinstalled MathPlayer but can't get it to read 
any MathML now, not even an equals sign. Do you know where I can obtain 
the JAWS scripts? I never installed them before when I used IE7.



Quoting Birkir Rúnar Gunnarsson <birkir.gunnarsson at gmail.com>:

> Hi Mary
> I can use MathPlayer with IE8 and Jaws 11, no problem.
> You may have to uninstall and reinstall it, since either there may be
> a newer version or its settings might have gotten messed up when you
> upgraded your IE from 7 to 8.
> I can't open the page you pointed to right now (working in vpn mode
> and my connection is mighty slow) but I can test the page in a few
> hours and see. I can read the sampel equations from the DS page just
> fine at least.
> I agree though, their product page needs to get upgraded.
> I think there are also Jaws scripts you need to install (and might
> have to reinstall for Jaws 11).
> Take a look and if you don't get this to work I'll take a look myself
> and retrace how I did this.
> hth
> -Birkir

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