[Blindmath] formatting number lines

Lewicki, Maureen mlewicki at bcsd.neric.org
Tue Apr 24 14:29:03 CDT 2012

Sorry, this may be a bit off topic, but I need help. My student is learning integers, and the teacher will be using number lines to introduce them. 

I have the APH number line, so that it can be used and re-used, but how will we do the number lines for a braille worksheet?

The number lines are too long for one braille line, so do we do the line on paper that is turned 'landscape' style, or do we continue the number line on the next  line? My inclination it to continue the number line on the second line. If so, what are the labels I should use to indicate the line continues? Thanks, 

Suggestions, please.M

Maureen Murphy Lewicki
Maureen Murphy Lewicki
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