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Yes, you've got some options. One is that a human reader read the screen while you tell them what to put in the tool.
Another is to see if using this tool is critical or if it is just something human resources puts in the add as a quantifable metric.

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I will discuss Oracle because the others I could answer about I did so
in response to your question to the nfb-science list.

Depends a bit what they mean by Oracle. If it means using the Oracle
database system, creating SQL scripts and/or maintaining a database then
yes that can be done. However I know that Oracle have many other
products which may or may not be accessible. For example Oracle have
SQLDeveloper as an open-source product, but there were accessibility
issues with it with Orca (a few years ago) and when I contacted them
about it they basically said that as its an open-source product it was
not required to meet their accessibility standards. However in the case
of SQLDeveloper it was not too much trouble as there are alternatives
from elsewhere. Also Oracle do have some accessibility information on
their website, but how useful that would be to you I don't know
(normally its fairly general and may not really reflect what you may
experience with your screen reader because they considered it with other

Also thinking about it, it might be worth finding out from the company
how critical knowledge of those tools is to the job. If they consider
the knowledge critical then consider your chances of getting it as
someone who lacks skills they ask for. I don't know about the US,
however here in the UK there are government schemes to help provide
support to disabled people do their jobs, potentially if an application
is inaccessible then here in the UK you could seek someone to support
you use it.

Michael Whapples
On 27/06/2012 16:39, aerospace1028 at hotmail.com wrote:
> Hello,
> I waslooking at a job-posting and found the following requirement.
> "Knowledge and ability to use MS Windows/Word/Excel. Ability to learn and utilize MS Access, Oracle, Everest, Testworks data acquisition systems, and Minitab statistical programs."
> I've used office tools before.  I've never used Oracle, Everest, Testworks or Minitab.  Has anyone here run into any of these programs/suites/vendors before?
> I'm comfortable using either JAWS or NVDA under Windows.  I don't have enough useful vision to make magnification an option.
> Even if the GUI isn't that great, if I can funnel i/o through excel or text-files to get access to the relevant information?
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