[Blindmath] Braille and graphics embosser suggestions?

I. C. Bray i.c.bray at win.net
Fri Dec 6 23:31:30 UTC 2013


How much did / does a new Tiger Cub cost theese days?
And you say they work well with any windows software, but what about Mac OS 
or iOS 7 for mobile devices?


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: Hello,
: I will note from the beginning that I do work forViewPlus, but I did get
: my Tiger Cub JR. before I started working for ViewPlus (in fact well
: before I had any idea I would be working for them).
: Probably one of the things I like most about my Tiger Cub JR. is that I
: can use it from any windows software which can output to a printer. This
: means I have been able to produce tactile graphics from the application
: of my choice. I know that Ron has sent an email to the list saying about
: support for SVG, but as the tiger is used like any other printer I could
: use it with any format for creating graphics.
: As all the ViewPlus embossers support tactile graphics and appear like
: any standard printer to applications, I will let the sales people at
: ViewPlus help you choose the most suitable if you decide on a ViewPlus
: embosser. I am on the software side and so have had little experience of
: the EmBralle's capabilities (the output I saw from it was on a
: development model).
: Michael Whapples
: On 06/12/2013 12:52, Gabriela Moats wrote:
: > Hi,
: > Does anyone have a low-end Braille and tactile graphics embosser they 
: > and would recommend? We are looking into purchasing one that would 
: > just around 20-50 STEM related handouts for a single student per week. 
: > far we're leaning towards at Enabling Technologies' Phoenix embosser, 
: > Plus' Tiger Max or Spot Dot, and Index's Everest or Basic embossers. A
: > couple people mentioned View Plu's low-end embosser Embraille to me
: > originally, but I was recently advised by the company that might not be
: > high enough quality for science materials.. Does anyone have experience
: > with this? Also, I'm wondering if people recommend View Plus' software
: > Tiger over Enabling Tech's Firebird Suite or Index's Tactile View,
: > especially related to producing labels in Nemeth if I don't know Nemeth.
: >
: > Thanks,
: >
: > Gabriela
: >
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