[Blindmath] requesting for procedure regarding svg draw.

Amanda Lacy lacy925 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 15:43:41 CST 2013

What is this new device exactly? Is it a tablet? The description is unclear.
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> Dear raju,
> There is nothing wrong in sending this mail to the list I guess. You need 
> not worry about your language too.
> Now to answer you, if u are using jaws or NVDA I doubt that even in word 
> one can not draw the shapes in word though they are available as standard 
> shapes under the insert option. Members may correct me If I am wrong. 
> Similarly there are flow chart objects like decision or any other process 
> which can not be inserted in a word file. So in svg draw program there are 
> no ways of creating these other polygons or shapes that you are referring 
> to like the triangle easily, I mean if you know your co ordinate system 
> may be then you can draw a few shapes but I think one has to be an expert 
> in geometries to use svg draw to draw a shape other than one which is 
> provided.
> Alternatively you can look at the following website to learn about a new 
> device that shall cater to all your needs of inputting diagrams.
> Www.persiontechnologies.com/Kerria.html
> This is a device that shall be a tactile device capable of inputting any 
> shape in a standard word excel, Visio or PowerPoint application without 
> the need of any other application.
> Warm regards,
> Kiran S Deshpande
> Director Innovatin & Research
> Innovation Unit,
> Persion technologies pvt ltd.
> Pune
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> On 19-Jan-2013, at 10:10 AM, raju singh <bidhwin at gmail.com> wrote:
>>               respected sirs.
>>  i am raju singh, one of the regular reader of blind mailing list,
>> residing in darjeeling india,  doing b c a.
>> first of all, i would like to apologize  all of you cause i know that
>> i'm asking such a silly question here. but i hope that i will be
>> fulfilled with lots of valuable response by you sirs.
>> sir, there is an extra subject called mathematics on our syllebus, and
>> i'm dealing this subject with less equipment such as neither i have
>> braille display device, nor i have scientific calculator or scientific
>> notebook.  i'm using the old tailer frame to calculate, and spare will
>> to draw the shape on the peace of paper. sighted friend is doing such
>> an accelent job for me by helping me to draw the shape with spare will
>> whatever our teacher draw on black board while giving the lecture
>> regarding mathematic. now, by the suggestion of this mailing list,
>> i've started to use svg draw and the voic on my laptop. now i'm
>> wandering that by using this software how one can draw the any shape,
>> such as triangle, right angled triangle, parallelogram, or any shape
>> which is not included on the draw menu regardless of some shape which
>> can be draw by pressing the keystrokes such as ctrl+r for rect angle,
>> ctrl+l for line,  etc. does we have to learn the svg programming in
>> order to draw the shape which is not included in draw menu? i have
>> spent few hour reading this .htm file which comes from svg draw
>> packege which has blunder of instruction for proper use of this
>> software, but i really could not grasp any thing from there. i even
>> could not understand the sound language producing by voic for various
>> shape, but  i'm adjusting myself with voic by spending  of some
>> leasure hour by listening various in built shape. i had to write this
>> request cause i read some where in this mailing list that some one is
>> suggesting that chart can also be drawn by using this software.
>> sir, i will be very greatful to all, if if you can provide the
>> tutorial in simpler manner, or audio demonstration of this svg drawing
>> software, as i believe that this software is our life line!
>> and lastly i would like to conclude this mail that if this mail seems
>> to have such wrong or undigestable thing, moderator has the full
>> advantage to remove this threat!
>> your stupid friend, raju.
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