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Bhavya shah bhavya.shah125 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 14:57:50 UTC 2013

Hello, my dear friends. I, Bhavya Shah, a school student want to know
if if my Maths textbook " Oxford New Enjoying Mathematics Class6" by
Jose Paul is available in Daisy Format or any other accessible
I eagerly want to type all my Maths stuff on a word processor but
unfortunately I am unable to locate some symbols on the standard
QWERTY keyboard. Please help me here because I have heard that those
symbols could be found in a different location. Please tell me briefly
about the mathematical features that Microsoft Office Word provides.
Also, I have heard that if one does not want to be aided by a word
processor he or she can type in Latex. I just know that they probably
are mathematical languages in which we can type the most complicated
sums. Please tell me if they could be helpful and where I could learn
it in India.
I have also heard a lot about various softwares which could be
helpful. Please explain to me in brief the uses, features and the
application of the following list of softwares in a secondary school's
student's school life.
Software List
Maths Flow
Maths Type
Maths Player
Maths Trax
Infty Chatty
Infty Editor
Infty Reader
VP Arithmetics
VP Algebra
Kindly also suggest me if you know some other softwares that you think
could be helpful.
Thanks a lot.

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