[BlindMath] Accessible Calculus BC Class

David Moore jesusloves1966 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 23:27:39 UTC 2017

Hi, I read all of my calculus books and read what was on the computer screen with the Optacon. I could trace graphs, and feel the exact representations that the sighted were seeing. Advertize for an old Optacon that someone may have laying around, and you will be able to use it to feel everything and feeling exactly what a sighted person sees.
David Moore
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From: Brandon Keith Biggs via BlindMath
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Subject: [BlindMath] Accessible Calculus BC Class


Does anyone know of any places who have a pretty accessible AP calculus BC

In particular, we want the content in math ML and or LaTeX.

Does anyone know the quality or accessibility of the Khanacademy class? The
examples seem to be in MathML which is great, but there are graphs under
each exercise and I don’t know how important they are:


We are looking for some place like Stanford Online High School, National
University, John Hopkins… I need to see if khanacademy would fit the

I would love to know anyone’s experiences in different programs.

Thank you,

Brandon Keith Biggs <http://brandonkeithbiggs.com/>
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